Democrats in the State Legislature think they will be able to pass a ballot proposition in an off-year election that will take away your tax refunds—indefinitely.

Passing Proposition CC will gut Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and hand a blank check to Governor Polis and his high-spending Democratic allies in Denver.

It’s simple—Colorado has one of the greatest economies in the United States because of our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and the power given directly to Coloradans to approve tax increases. There is plenty of money in the State Budget, we need to call on our legislators to prioritize their spending—not take away money from our pockets to cover their pet projects.

When your ballot gets delivered this Fall, we hope you will join me us in standing up to the tax-and-spend liberals in Denver and Vote No on Proposition CC to protect our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.

If you need more information about why you should vote No on Proposition CC, take a look at these editorials from both The Denver Post & The Colorado Springs Gazette opposing Proposition CC.

Denver Post: “Proposition CC is Fatally Flawed; Lawmakers should try again

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