Volunteer For President Trump in Colorado

We have 530 days left to do everything we can to help reelect President Donald Trump! Last night’s announcement was historic and provided us all a clear direction for the future of our country. Now, it’s time to do our part!

It is crucial that we work together to turn Colorado Red for President Donald J. Trump in November 2020. We can only do that by continuing to build our grassroots movement support for President Trump across the state.

This election is a moment that oour children and grandchildren will read about in their history books. As they deal with the consequences of this election, they can look back either with pride that you took a stand to save this country or with disappointment that you didn’t get more involved.

We are recruiting individuals who are willing to help reelect President Trump NOW! Receiving training, registering voters, and engaging oour neighbors in communities across Colorado NOW will provide the President the best opportunity to win Colorado in 2020.