They Sit On Their Hands. We Stand.

My fellow Republicans,

A famous West Point football player and darned good Republican president, Dwight David Eisenhower, told us that “History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.”

I take General Eisenhower at his word. Your Colorado Republican Party is strong and bold, and together we will take the fight to the enemies of freedom. History shows that when Republicans win, freedom grows. So our mission is clear: get Republicans elected.

We are better positioned as a Party than we have ever been.

Our national team is dominant. Phenomenal fundraising, debt-free operations, deep functional capabilities, and excellent Republican National Committee leadership are in stark contrast to our Democrat opponents, who are in financial debt with deep deficits in leadership, policies, and capabilities. The RNC has been unbelievably helpful, providing our state party with staff, training, data, analytical products, advice, and encouragement beyond my wildest expectations. As a result, we are recruiting volunteers, training activists, registering voters, knocking doors, supporting campaigns, and taking on the left earlier, more aggressively, and more effectively than ever before.

We’re approaching voters with an awesome achievement to discuss: the once-in-a-generation tax cut already responsible for improving the lives of millions of workers. We’re also armed with a simple fact to share about the other side: not one Democrat in the U.S. House or Senate supported that tax cut. Every company that hands out bonuses or raises wages is a reminder of what the Republicans accomplished and the Democrats tried but failed to obstruct.

The differences between our two parties could not be clearer. We build; they shut down. We celebrate our freedoms and defend even those with whom we disagree; they shout down speakers, boycott, protest, and label religious groups and individuals as hate groups for their beliefs. We put on our hard hats to get America back to work and on the pathway to greatness; they wear pink hats,break windows, and burn cars. They resist; we persist, and in the words of our great president, Calvin Coolidge, persistence wins the day.

While the Democrats sit on their hands, the Republican Party has stood and always will stand for freedom. The party that elected Lincoln ended slavery and fulfilled the promise of the Declaration of Independence. The party that elected Reagan ended the Cold War and ushered in decades of unprecedented prosperity. The party that elected Donald Trump is helping Americans regain their freedom from their own swampy government, from economic mediocrity, and from national impotence.

These are exciting times. You are helping America once again to be the bold, bright beacon of strength, freedom, and prosperity that our Founders intended. The world cannot be great unless America is great, and because of you, we will be great again!


Jeff Hays
Chairman, Colorado Republican Committee