RELEASE: Polis is obviously lying about his “scheduling conflict”

Greenwood Village, CO – As Coloradans from across the state descend on Grand Junction for Club 20, it’s worth exploring the “scheduling conflict” that supposedly prevents Jared Polis from attending Colorado’s traditional campaign kickoff.

The Polis campaign didn’t bother to offer an explanation to Club 20 before declining their invitation by press release earlier this summer. Polis also boycotted the eventthroughout his five terms in Congress, despite Club 20 representing several communities throughout CD 2.

Polis has refused to provide specifics on this personal “conflict,” while at times invoking the cost of admission at Club 20 as the primary factor in his decision to skip the event. These excuses don’t add up.

Colorado Republican Chairman Jeff Hays issued the following statement on Jared Polis’ refusal to participate in the Club 20 debate:  “Western Coloradans see Jared Polis’ so-called ‘scheduling conflict’ for what it really is: a lie designed to shield him from questions about his refusal to support Jordan Cove and his plans to socialize healthcare. The truth is that Jared Polis doesn’t care about rural Colorado.”



  • Jared Polis boycotted the event throughout his five terms in Congress, despite Club 20 representing several communities in CD 2.
    • “The ‘2nd Congressional District includes all or portions of Eagle, Grand and Summit counties, which are represented by Club 20″ (Denver Post, 7/30/14)
    • “[Polis has] never attended one of the organization’s events — an absence ironic in that the two major-party candidates hoping to fill his 2nd District seat plan to face-off Saturday at the Club 20 debates.” (Gunnison Country Times, 9/6/18)
  • Polis has offered competing excuses for his absence.
    • Cost of admission? “Polis said he won’t debate Stapleton at the Club 20 forum because it’s not free and open to the public … we wanted a debate the people can come to for free and didn’t have to pay,’ Polis said.” (Aspen Daily News, 8/11/18)
      • “‘The debate [Colorado Mesa University] that was proposed for Oct. 6, is first of all … free for people to attend,’ Polis said of his preference for the later debate co-sponsored by the Daily Sentinel, over the Club 20 event, which charges admission.” (Post Independent, 9/3/18)
    • Scheduling Conflict? “Polis said he has no plans to reconsider his decision to skip Club 20’s fall debates, saying he has a ‘scheduling conflict,’ which the campaign described as a personal family matter.” (GJ Daily Sentinel, 8/14/18)
      • Refusing to divulge details: “I asked his campaign spokesperson Mara Sheldon for specifics about that, and she told me he has a ‘personal prior family commitment.'” (KUNC, 8/28/18)
  • No “real” Coloradans at Club 20?
    • “‘We feel [the CMU debate] is a better opportunity to really reach voters, rather than just the elite or opinion leaders, because we want real Coloradans to be able to be part of those debates,’ Polis said.” (Post Independent, 9/5/18)