RELEASE: Chairman Jeff Hays calls for Polis staffer’s firing

Greenwood Village, CO – Last night, the Denver Post reported that Mara Sheldon, the communications director for Jared Polis’ gubernatorial campaign, aggressively grabbed a cell phone belonging to a protester at Bernie Sanders’ rally for Jared Polis in Boulder yesterday. A Denver Post photographer caught the moment on camera.

When questioned about the incident, Sheldon lied, saying she had asked the protester to stop recording her before grabbing his camera. As the Denver Post points out, “However, the video shows that she goes for the phone before telling him to stop.” View the video here.

Other than its lie to the Denver Post, Polis’ campaign has not commented on the incident.

In light of these facts, Colorado Republican Chairman Jeff Hays issued the following statement:

“Jared Polis’ communications director harassed a citizen exercising his rights in a public space. When questioned about it, she lied. And other than lying about it to the Denver Post, the Polis campaign has pretended the incident never happened. That’s unconscionable and demonstrates Polis’ unfitness for office.

“If Jared Polis can’t govern his own staff, how can we entrust him with the State of Colorado? If he allows his staff to harass citizens now, what can we expect from him if he wins the election? Mara Sheldon should have been fired yesterday, but since Polis failed to do that, he must fire her today.”