Profile in Courage: Bennet Votes ‘Present’ on the Green New Deal

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – Today, four Democrats stood with all Senate Republicans in bipartisan opposition to the socialist $93 trillion Green New Deal.

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet was not one of them, and instead voted “present.”

In response, Colorado GOP Chairman Jeff Hays released the following statement:

When Colorado’s farmers, energy workers, and families needed their Senators to take a stand on this $93 trillion boondoggle, Michael Bennet stayed on the sidelines,” said Colorado GOP Chairman Jeff Hays. 

By avoiding a vote on the Green New Deal, Bennet denied the people of Colorado a say on a resolution that would wipe out billions in economic activity and devastate Colorado’s agricultural and energy sectors. Bennet’s refusal to take a stand is further proof that Bernie Sanders-style socialism now dominates the Democrat party.”



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