Polis’ husband receives special treatment, skips vaccine line

Teachers, restaurant workers, and many other vulnerable Coloradans have so far been ineligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine under Governor Polis’ vaccine distribution plan – yet Polis’ husband, the First Gentleman of Colorado, who is healthy and in his 30’s, was apparently able to skip the line and receive the vaccine during the very initial phase.

It was later confirmed that the First Gentleman was the only spouse or “family of elected officials” to receive the vaccine in this manner. 

While Polis made sure that his spouse received the vaccine in the initial phase, a recent CPR article highlighted that most elementary, middle, and high school teachers have still not been made eligible to receive the vaccine because they are waiting their turn. Likewise, most restaurant workers are scheduled to receive the vaccine in future phases. 

Colorado GOP Statement:
“It is shameful that Gov. Polis apparently gamed the system, that he created, to make sure that his spouse received the COVID-19 vaccine before Colorado teachers, workers, or other vulnerable citizens. Elected officials shouldn’t be using their positions to prioritize their family over the people they are suppose to serve.

“Gov. Polis owes the people of Colorado an apology and explanation for how this happened.” 
– COGOP Spokesman Joe Jackson