Petition: Hickenlooper owes taxpayers $133,000

Taxpayers have spent more than $133,000 to defend John Hickenlooper’s illegal conduct. Last month, the Independent Ethics Commission (IEC) found Hickenlooper in contempt for ignoring a subpoena and guilty of breaking Colorado ethics laws.  

A recent Denver Post article outlines how Hickenlooper’s private attorney was paid $525/hr by taxpayers to defend him. Hickenlooper was eventually found in violation of the Colorado Constitution and given the biggest fine ever by the IEC. 

But Hickenlooper’s ethics troubles aren’t over yet, it was also revealed that a State Lawmaker has asked the U.S. Treasury Department to investigate the use of federal funds to pay for his defense. 

Senator Gardner stated yesterday, “It’s time for Governor Hickenlooper to pay back the more than $133,000 he used from a 9/11 recovery fund to skip out on a court-ordered subpoena and defend taking illegal private jet flights from billionaires.”
If you agree with Sen. Gardner, sign the petition below demanding that millionaire Hickenlooper pay taxpayers back $133,000 for the funds used in his illegal misconduct defense. 

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