Tell Jason Crow to Stop the Impeachment Madness!

On Thursday, October 10th at 11:00 AM Trump Victory and the Colorado Republican Party are hosting a counter-impeachment campaign event called “Stop the Madness!” outside the Aurora office of Rep. Jason Crow, and you are invited!

President Trump needs your help to send a message loud and clear to the left-wing D.C. politicians: it’s time to drop the impeachment inquiry and get back to work for the people of Colorado. Join us!

This press conference is part of a nationwide effort to hold vulnerable Democrats like Crow accountable for their extreme actions and politically motivated behavior.

Colorado GOP Vice Chair Kristi Burton Brown, Rep. Patrick Neville, and Congressional candidates Steve House and Casper Stockham will all be on hand for the event.

We hope you can join us this Thursday outside Jason Crow’s office to support President Trump!


Jefferson Thomas
State Director
Trump Victory, Colorado

Statement on Pelosi Impeachment Inquiry Announcement

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – Colorado GOP Senior Party Advisor Don Ytterberg released the following statement on Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry announcement:

“Last week, Democrats wanted to impeach Justice Kavanaugh. This week, they want to impeach President Trump. Who will it be next week?,” said Colorado GOP Senior Party Advisor Don Ytterberg.

“Time and again Democrats’ accusations have proven false, but yet again they are putting their political ambition ahead of solving problems for hardworking Coloradans. It is clear that Nancy Pelosi has lost control over her caucus and has yielded to the far-left wing of her party,” Ytterberg continued.

“Democrats like Jason Crow will regret siding with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib over the people of Colorado.”


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