Bulletin: Jan 23, 2019

Under the Dome, your Colorado Republicans are committed to fighting for your rights in the public square. We are hearing a lot of talk that Democrats will soon unveil a “Red Flag Bill,” but Republicans have legislation of their own to introduce. Tomorrow in the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee, three self-defense bills will be heard:

  • House Bill 19-1049, Minority Leader Neville, “Concealed Handguns on School Grounds”
  • House Bill 19-1022, Rep. Sandridge, “Deadly Force Against Intruder at a Business”
  • House Bill 19-1021, Reps. Saine and Humphrey, “Repeal Ammunition Magazine Prohibition”

“I am proud to present my bill in committee tomorrow, along with the others brought forward by my fellow House Republicans,” said House Minority Leader Patrick Neville. “The Second Amendment is a cherished right, and it’s particularly important to me to fight for the right of self-protection in our schools. We cannot leave our schools as soft targets against those who wish to commit violence. I want to see willing and qualified teachers be able to protect themselves and their students, and that is why for the fifth year in a row, I am introducing this bill.”

P.S. Have you signed the petition to put a stop to injection sites in Colorado? Over 900 signatures so far! Click here to add your name!

Bulletin: Jan 22, 2019

Republican leaders remain opposed to “safe injection sites,” saying they prolong addictions, endanger children in the vicinity, and degrade entire neighborhoods. Good public policy should not subsidize the slow-motion suicides of our fellow citizens but instead find ways to get them the help and treatment they need.

Watch an interview with House Republican Leader Patrick Neville on this topic.

Sign the petition and tell Democrats not to introduce a bill allowing heroin injection sites in our communities.

Bulletin: Jan 18, 2019

  • Pigs are flying, hell has frozen over, and Governor Polis is cheering a GOP income tax reduction plan. Read more here.
  • House Minority Leader Patrick Neville says of drug abuse that “treatment is much more beneficial than enablement” and issues a warning to Democrats: if you put injection sites on our streets, expect recalls. Watch the video here.
  • Democrats play politics with Safe Haven bill. Watch the video here and read the editorial here.