Bulletin Mar. 20, 2019: Stop the income tax increase!

Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee are considering a massive new tax increase, SB 188. SB 188 is a 0.32% income tax increase on almost every worker in the State of Colorado and a crushing new mandate for small businesses.

We still have time to make it known that this unconstitutional tax increase violates TABOR and puts thousands of Colorado small businesses at risk.

Call Democrat Senators on the Senate Finance Committee NOW and tell them to vote NO on Senate Bill 188:

Senator Lois Court: 303-866-4861
Senator Pete Lee: 303-866-6364

Senator Julie Gonzales: 303-866-4862
Senator Nancy Todd: 303-866-3432

Senate Bill 188 violates TABOR by calling a 0.32% income tax increase a “fee.” This will devastate Colorado’s small businesses and create a giant new billion dollar bureaucracy.

Just yesterday, the Colorado Chamber of Commerce released a list of 65+ business organizations that are against Senate Bill 188, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, and the Colorado Farm Bureau.

Please a take moment to contact your state legislators and the Democrats listed above. Tell them to vote NO on SB 188.


Jeff Hays
Chairman, Colorado Republican Committee

Statement on Democrats keeping Senate open amid historic Bomb Cyclone

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – Earlier today, Senate President Leroy Garcia blamed Republicans for the state Senate remaining open amid today’s Bomb Cyclone.

Colorado GOP Chairman Jeff Hays issued the following statement in response to Sen. Garcia:

Passing SB 181 in the midst of today’s Bomb Cyclone shows just how much Senate Democrats really care about putting ‘public health and safety first,'” said Colorado GOP Chairman Jeff Hays.

However, Sen. Garcia blaming Republicans for his own negligence goes beyond the pale. There is no reason Senate business could not have waited until it was safe for state employees, press, and concerned constituents to travel,” Hays continued.

Advancing a partisan agenda at the expense of state employees’ and countless Coloradans’ safety is reckless and shameful.” 



The National Weather Service, Colorado State Patrol, and other emergency agencies are actively warning large swaths of Colorado to stay indoors:

Senate Democrats have received extensive criticism for conducting business during the Bomb Cyclone: 



Late on Friday, Democrats at the State Capitol introduced crushing legislation that will devastate Colorado’s energy industry and immediately scheduled the bill for a hearing this Tuesday.

It is unprecedented for a piece of legislation this large to be heard in committee just a few days after it has been introduced.

This wasn’t a mistake – it’s a planned attempt to get this bill through the legislature as quickly as possible and prevent working Coloradans from speaking up.

We are asking Senate President Leroy Garcia, Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, and Committee Chair Faith Winter to delay the hearing and allow the people of Colorado to read, study, and understand the legislation.

Over 100,000 jobs in oil and gas hang in the balance – please take a moment to call Democrats at the State Capitol and tell them to delay the hearing on Senate Bill 181.

Senate President Leroy Garcia at 303-866-4878
Majority Leader Steve Fenberg at 303-866-4872
Committee Chair Faith Winter at 303-866-4863

Voters rejected Prop 112 last November and made clear Colorado should take a balanced approach to resource development. Coloradans deserve more time to study this legislation and to make their voices heard.

Thank you for standing up for thousands of working Coloradans in the energy industry. If you’re interested, you can read Senate Bill 181 here.


Jeff Hays
Chairman, Colorado Republican Committee