Statement: Passage of SB 181 first wave of the Green New Deal

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – Today the Colorado Senate passed SB 181 on a party line vote and sent the bill to Gov. Polis’ desk.

The legislation threatens billions in economic activity and thousands of Coloradans who rely on energy development to support their families. Despite Democrats’ claim that SB 181 would not result in an effective ban or moratorium, the legislation has already forced the postponement COGCC hearings this month.

Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck released the following statement in response to the passage of SB 181:

SB 181 is simply the first wave of the Green New Deal and a transparent effort by Democrats to shut down Colorado’s energy industry. Despite voters overwhelmingly rejecting a defacto ban on energy development last November, Democrats rammed this legislation through without a single Republican vote in either chamber.

Make no mistake, if Democrats get away with this attack on oil and gas they will undoubtedly target other vital industries that support tens of thousands of jobs for working Coloradans.

Colorado Republicans will work with voters of both parties to hold Democrat legislators accountable for their blatant overreach.”



Bulletin: SB 181 Vote On Apr 3rd – Contact Your Legislators

Democrats are poised to vote on crippling Wed. April 3 that could devastate our energy industry and crush Colorado’s economy.

However, the assault on America’s energy workers is not confined solely to Colorado Democrats in our state legislature.

Sen. Cory Gardner published a recent editorial explaining why SB 181 is really the first wave of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, right here in Colorado:

We cannot deny the devastating effects the entirety of the Green New Deal will have on our state. Unfortunately, the first wave of it has already crashed into Colorado. The state Legislature is poised to pass a bill that could decimate the oil and gas industry, kill thousands of jobs, erase billions in wages and annual economic impact. The tax revenue from oil and gas operations funds our schools, fire departments and other important local projects in our communities. The real-life impact this anti-jobs measure will have on tens of thousands of hardworking Colorado families must be taken seriously. And this ban on oil and gas development in Colorado would be Colorado’s first taste of the Green New Deal. If the radical left gets their way, other industries like agriculture and aerospace that support tens of thousands of jobs in our state could be next on the chopping block.

Read Senator Cory Gardner’s Full Editorial Here

If we don’t speak out now, Democrats will pass SB 181 and kill thousands of Colorado jobs.

Contact your state Senator and Senate President Leroy Garcia (303) 866-4878 – tell them to oppose SB 181.

Bulletin Mar. 25: Senator Owen Hill Pushes Back on Attorney General Phil Weiser

Have you seen the video clip that’s making the rounds online? Take a look for yourself. When Democrat Attorney General Phil Weiser told our local sheriffs to resign if they can’t enforce the unconstitutional Red Flag gun-grab bill, Senator Owen Hill took him to task.

Your Senate Republicans delayed the Red Flag bill for another day, so take a moment to place a final call to the undecided State Senators and tell them to vote NO on House Bill 1177 (Red Flag Bill). It violates the United States and Colorado Constitutions, puts our law enforcement at risk, and does not provide due process to the accused.

Senate President Leroy Garcia (D): 303-866-4878
Senator Rachel Zenzinger (D): 303-866-4840
Senator Pete Lee (D): 303-866-6364
Senator Kerry Donovan (D): 303-866-4871

In 2013, the seats that Garcia and Lee currently hold were recalled, and the Senator who held Zenzinger’s seat resigned after being threatened with a recall.Call them today and tell them to vote NO on House Bill 1177.

Thank you for standing up for our Second Amendment rights in Colorado.


Jeff Hays
Chairman, Colorado Republican Committee