Bulletin: Feb 8, 2019

Democrats say they care about teachers and schools, but on two separate bills this week, their votes spoke louder than their words.

A year after teachers rallied at the State Capitol and on the heels of a strike by Denver Public School teachers, Republican State Senator Owen Hill proposed a $500 tax credit for teachers who spend money on classroom supplies and equipment.

Even the teachers union supported the bill – but Democrats killed it anyway. Watch and share the TV report and let your friends and family know that while Republicans are trying to help teachers, Democrats at the Capitol are focused on playing politics.

We saw the same thing in the State House, where Republican Leader Patrick Neville introduced a bill to help families with children who experience bullying in a public school. Neville’s bill, House Bill 19-1112, would have allowed for the establishment of “Child Safety Accounts” — a way for a bullied student to move from their public school to a private school. But Democrats chose the failing status quo over protecting vulnerable kids who wake up every morning dreading another day in a place where they’re harmed or bullied.

Bulletin: Feb 7, 2019

Yesterday in the State Senate, Democrats rejected an effort to protect the gun rights of 86,000 Coloradans with a medical marijuana card. The bill, introduced by Senator Vicki Marble (R-Fort Collins), was supported by many who use medical marijuana for pain management purposes, including veterans who suffer from war injuries. Nevertheless, Democrats didn’t bat an eye when killing it in committee.

The bill was endorsed by Veterans for Natural Rights, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, Southern Colorado Cannabis Council, and others. Why is it that anything that has to do with protecting the Second Amendment is an automatic no from the Democrats?

P.S. If you haven’t heard, Bob Rankin is Colorado’s newest State Senator after serving for over six years in the House. Click here to read his letter to constituents.

Bulletin: Feb 6, 2019

Republicans know Colorado’s teachers work hard, and your Republican legislators are always trying to find ways to support their efforts. Recently, State Senator Owen Hill introduced a bill to give teachers an additional $500 tax credit for supplies they purchase for their classrooms. But yesterday, Senate Democrats KILLED Senator Hill’s legislation despite broad support for it. Even the teachers union supported Hill’s bill!

Looks like Democrats are all talk when it comes to supporting our teachers.