Bulletin: Jan 26, 2019

Aware that opposition is building, Colorado Democrats are trying to ram through SB 19-042, the National Popular Vote bill. It goes to the floor of the State Senate tomorrow.

This bill would subvert the principle of federalism embedded in the U.S. Constitution by awarding Colorado’s electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, disregarding the will of the people of Colorado.

Please email and/or call every Democratic senator (starting with your own!) and let them know you oppose giving away Colorado’s electoral votes to California and New York. Find a list of the senators’ email addresses and phone numbers here.

The Democrats don’t stand a chance of changing the Constitution, so instead they are going around it.

Now defending the Constitution is up to us!

Bulletin: Jan 25, 2019

Great news from the State Senate: Democrats apparently had a change of heart on Sen. Jim Smallwood’s Senate Bill 25, which will ensure that Colorado’s Safe Haven law is taught in Colorado schools. Read the update from the caucus. The bill still has a ways to go before it becomes law, but this is good news – your advocacy is working! Thanks to the many of you who signed the petition in support.

“I am very thankful to members of the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee for their careful consideration of this legislation. It’s a great piece of legislation that will help save newborns and allow young women to continue with their lives without making a tragic mistake,” said Senator Smallwood. “I am optimistic about it getting through the Senate and moving quickly to the House.”

Bulletin: Jan 24, 2019

Today, Colorado Democrats voted to leave our children defenseless on school grounds.

House Minority Leader Patrick Neville introduced a bill to allow qualified teachers and staff to carry concealed handguns on school grounds, should they elect to do so. Democrats on the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee killed it on 6-3, party-line vote. By saying “no” to Neville’s House Bill 19-1049, Democrats today said “yes” to leaving our students and schools as soft targets.