Late on Friday, Democrats at the State Capitol introduced crushing legislation that will devastate Colorado’s energy industry and immediately scheduled the bill for a hearing this Tuesday.

It is unprecedented for a piece of legislation this large to be heard in committee just a few days after it has been introduced.

This wasn’t a mistake – it’s a planned attempt to get this bill through the legislature as quickly as possible and prevent working Coloradans from speaking up.

We are asking Senate President Leroy Garcia, Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, and Committee Chair Faith Winter to delay the hearing and allow the people of Colorado to read, study, and understand the legislation.

Over 100,000 jobs in oil and gas hang in the balance – please take a moment to call Democrats at the State Capitol and tell them to delay the hearing on Senate Bill 181.

Senate President Leroy Garcia at 303-866-4878
Majority Leader Steve Fenberg at 303-866-4872
Committee Chair Faith Winter at 303-866-4863

Voters rejected Prop 112 last November and made clear Colorado should take a balanced approach to resource development. Coloradans deserve more time to study this legislation and to make their voices heard.

Thank you for standing up for thousands of working Coloradans in the energy industry. If you’re interested, you can read Senate Bill 181 here.


Jeff Hays
Chairman, Colorado Republican Committee

Bulletin: Feb 12, 2019

While teachers strike in Denver, Democrats continue to reject Republican proposals to assist them, including Senator Owen Hill’s SB 19-060 to expand the tax credit for classroom supplies that teachers purchase out of their own pocket. Then just yesterday, Senator Jerry Sonnenberg proposed a ballot initiative that would allow legislators to pull money from Great Outdoors Colorado’s lottery fund to put into education. But if Democrats’ past behavior is any indication, any proposal without a tax hike is dead on arrival.

Yet there’s always another chance for Democrats to vote the right way. This afternoon in the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, Republican Leader Patrick Neville will present House Bill 19-1156, which will require proof of citizenship for anyone wanting to newly register to vote in Colorado elections. And Representative Steve Humphrey will present his bill, the Live and Let Live Act, co-sponsored by Republican Senator Vicki Marble, to uphold the First Amendment and establish protections for individuals based on their sincerely held religious beliefs.

P.S., Remember that today’s committee meeting on SB 19-042, the National Popular Vote bill, is now taking place INSIDE the Capitol, in Room 271. That committee meeting begins at 1:30 pm.

Bulletin: Feb 11, 2019

The Colorado State House is taking up SB 19-042, the terrible National Popular Vote bill that Democrats in the State Senate already passed.

This bill would subvert the principle of federalism embedded in the U.S. Constitution by awarding Colorado’s electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, disregarding the will of the people of Colorado and circumventing the Electoral College.

If your work allows, please consider showing up tomorrow, Tuesday, February 12, to testify against this bill. The House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee will be considering it in Room 271 of the State Capitol at 1:30 pm. That’s Room 271 at 200 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203. How long the committee goes will depend on how many people show up to testify.

Governor Jared Polis’ staffers have already said he’s “supportive” of the legislation, so this is our last chance to protect the Constitution from the Colorado Democrats. Let your voice be heard!

To RSVP to testify, visit the “Testify Against Ending the Electoral College” Facebook page here. If you can’t make it, you can still email the Democrats on the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee by clicking on each of their names here and then selecting the “Email” option.