Daily Bulletin: Jan 17, 2019

It took just 12 days for Senator Mike Foote (D-Boulder) and the Senate Democrats to reveal their disturbing intentions this legislative session by paralyzing an effort to save newborn babies.

You heard that right.

Democrats played politics with Senator Jim Smallwood’s (R-Parker) bill to require schools to teach our Safe Haven law in schools. If you’re unaware, Safe Haven laws allow newborns to be surrendered to a fire station or hospital, no questions asked. The law has saved over 60 babies in Colorado, but many more are still perishing due to a lack of awareness among teens about the law.

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While the Democrats on the committee praised Senator Smallwood’s bill, their vote to tie it to House Bill 1032, which doesn’t even mention Safe Haven education, is just another political ploy to hide their true feelings.

Colorado isn’t buying it. Shame on the Democrats for playing politics with the lives of newborns.

Daily Bulletin: Jan 15, 2019

Today, Colorado Democrats passed H.B. 19-1007 out of the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. This bill seeks to limit campaign contributions from individuals to races for county office, but, as we know from previous experience with campaign finance reform, that will only increase the influence of super PACs, 527s, and other dark-money groups that aren’t subject to the same reporting requirements individuals are.

If the Democrats really want to “get money out of politics,” this is the wrong way to go about it. But perhaps that’s exactly the point. Instead of “getting money out of politics,” what Democrats really want is to get your money out of politics, so that unions, wealthy self-funders like Jared Polis, and the 527s they underwrite can buy elections without interference from normal citizens like you and me.

Daily Bulletin: Jan 14, 2019

We need your help! On Wednesday, the Senate State, Veterans, & Military Affairs will hear Senate Bill 25, Senator Jim Smallwood’s (R-Parker) bill to ensure Colorado’s Safe Haven law is taught if sexual education is taught in public schools.

If you’re not aware, the Safe Haven law allows parents to drop off a newborn child at a hospital, fire department, or freestanding emergency room without fear of reprisal. The law gives Colorado newborns another chance at life, and more than 60 babies have been saved since the law has been on Colorado’s books.

“It seems strange with all the focus on sex ed – prevention, contraception, etc., in our public schools, that anyone would object to educating young people about a law already on the books,” said Representative Jim Wilson (R-Salida), Ranking Member on the House Education Committee. “We know babies continue to be born out of wedlock in spite of all educational efforts. It is just common sense that if the life of just one baby could be saved by sharing this knowledge, it would be worth it.”

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