RELEASE: Hickenlooper says he’s not cut out to be a Senator. Coloradans agree


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – Earlier today John Hickenlooper formally ended his presidential campaign and stated he was considering a U.S. Senate run in Colorado.

In response, the Colorado Republican Party released a new web video highlighting Hickenlooper’s previous comments on his disdain for the idea of serving in the U.S. Senate:

“John Hickenlooper told voters across the country over and over again that he is not cut out to be a U.S. Senator. Quite frankly, Coloradans agree,” said Executive Director of the Colorado GOP Lx Fangonilo.

“Like his tenure as governor, Hickenlooper spent the majority of his presidential campaign flip flopping on issue after issue. His newfound interest in running for U.S. Senate appears to be no different,” Fangonilo continued.

“Cory Gardner has provided steadfast leadership for Colorado in the U.S. Senate, which is why voters will reelect him in 2020.”


Colorado GOP Formally Announces Opposition to Prop CC

August 7, 2019

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – Earlier this week it was reported that Governor Polis and Democrats in the state legislature abandoned their effort to hold a special session and remove Taxpayer Bill of Rights Caps for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights puts limits on revenue surpluses and mandates that excess revenue be returned to the Colorado taxpayers. Colorado tax revenue is expected to exceed the Taxpayer Bill of Rights cap by $300 to $575 million this year, money that goes directly back into taxpayers’ pockets through TABOR refunds.

Democrats attempted to hold a special session in hopes of brokering a deal to withhold these refunds from taxpayers.

Now that there will be no special session, voters will consider a measure known as Prop CC that would allow the state to permanently keep TABOR refunds, costing taxpayers billions in perpetuity.

In response, the Colorado Republican Party issued the following statements formally announcing their opposition to Prop CC:

In 2005, Colorado voters were told how excess revenues would be spent, but the state legislature broke that promise and did not properly fund roads and bridges. Don’t fall for it again, vote no on Prop CC.” -State Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights is a long term commitment to the people of Colorado and we vigorously oppose any effort to strip taxpayers of their refunds. Voters in Colorado have consistently rejected tax hikes, and Prop CC would do just that by taking away billions in TABOR refunds. Instead of attacking the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, Democrats should prioritize in the budget and fund state needs with existing revenue.” -Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck

Vice Chair Kristi Burton Brown: CO GOP Will Do Great Things in 2020

Via KMGH: DENVER — After the last election, Colorado politics would appear to be leaning more left than long-time voters would expect. The new Vice Chair of the Colorado Republican Party says she expects to see more red in state politics the next time around.