MLK’s Colorblind Vision

Dear Colorado Republicans,

Today, America honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his contributions to justice, and his colorblind vision.

Dr. King dreamed of a nation where men and women are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. We Republicans share that dream.

As the Republican Party in the 19th century worked for abolition and in the 20th century to ensure voting rights for every woman and man, Republicans of the 21st century must continue striving for a society that offers quality jobs and business opportunities, excellent schools for every child, safe homes and communities, and the freedom to pursue your dreams and happiness as God intended.

Our national credo, “with liberty and justice for all,” allows for no exceptions. That’s part of what makes America exceptional. Dr. King’s dream is the American Dream.

Today, let’s rededicate ourselves to making it a reality.


Jeff Hays
Chairman, Colorado Republican Committee