Jared Polis: Nearly 10 years in Congress, only two bills passed

Greenwood Village, CO – After nearly a decade in Congress, Jared Polis has only two minor pieces of legislation – land exchange bills – signed into law. By contrast, Walker Stapleton as Treasurer has worked with both parties to deliver fiscally responsible solutions for Colorado taxpayers.

Colorado Republican Chairman Jeff Hays issued the following statement about the contrast between the candidates: “Jared Polis has been a do-nothing congressman, while observers from across the spectrum, and across the state, acknowledge Walker Stapleton’s major successes as Colorado Treasurer. In terms of their ability to get results, the contrast couldn’t be clearer.”

Could Polis’ lackluster record have anything to do with the fact he is “loathed” by the people who know him?

Washington Post: “This is the Polis people have come to know, the one willing to open his wallet and tick off his colleagues for a cause he believes in. Often that cause is himself.” (Source: Washington Post, Ben Terris, 5/27/14)

Politico: “‘He’s so damn selfish,’ said one partygoer, a prominent Democrat. That was a word— selfish—I was hearing Democrats use a lot in conversations about Polis.” (Source: Politico Magazine, Eli Stokols, 7/20/14)

Gawker: “So the pundits of Washington D.C. are getting a taste of Polis’s know-it-all self-righteousness! That’s a relief to people in Silicon Valley and Colorado, who bore the brunt of it.” (Source: Gawker, Owen Thomas, “Jared Polis: To Know Him Is To Loathe Him,” 3/3/09)

Stapleton has a proven record of getting things done for Coloradans.

Denver Post: Walker Stapleton was “about the only person” raising the alarm on PERA. “’As Colorado’s pension system barreled toward a funding crisis, where was our state treasurer?’ asks an ad funded by the Democratic Governors Association through the political action committee Good Jobs Colorado. Well, the answer is Stapleton was about the only person sounding the alarm. While members of the Public Employees’ Retirement Association board of trustees whitewashed the fact that the unfunded liability was growing even in years when the optimistic assumed rate of return was being met, only Stapleton was urging for reform to put PERA back on track to being fully funded.” (Source: Denver Post, Denver Post Editorial Board, 9/6/18)

  • Denver Post: Walker Stapleton led the fight for PERA reform. “State Treasurer Walker Stapleton, who is now running as a Republican for governor, led the fight for reform, saying the board’s assumptions were akin to wishing for ‘lollipops and rainbows.'” (Source: Denver Post, Brian Eason, 2/11/18)

The Gazette, Colorado Springs: Walker Stapleton led the crusade to defeat socialized healthcare in Colorado. “Stapleton led the crusade to defeat an irresponsible billion-dollar tax proposal, Amendment 66, in 2013. He called out the Department of Transportation for spending $150 million on new offices, while neglecting basic highway maintenance and upgrades. He led the charge against a proposal for socialized health care that would have raised annual taxes by at least $25 billion. Stapleton has served as the lone voice of responsibility and reason on the board of the state’s Public Employees Retirement Association, doing the hard work of protecting public pensions and taxpayers far into the future. He holds state agencies accountable for responsible stewardship of taxpayer assets.” (Source: Colorado Springs Gazette,, Editorial Board, 1/14/18)

The Gazette, Colorado Springs: Stapleton has a “record of delivering results” Colorado. “As a young, articulate professional with proven leadership skills, Stapleton can appeal to urban and rural voters of all demographics. The electorate mostly wants good results, and Stapleton has a record of delivering them.” (Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, Editorial Board, 12/13/17)

Durango Herald: Stapleton has overseen positive gains in Colorado’s investment portfolio. “Walker Stapleton has overseen positive gains in Colorado’s investment portfolio every quarter he has served. He saved money by consolidating the state’s debt issuing process in the Treasurer’s office. He has consistently advocated a fiscally conservative approach to managing PERA, helping to ensure the plan’s viability.” (Source:  Durango Herald, Durango Herald Editorial Board, 10/6/18)