GOP picks Lynn Myers to run against Jovan Melton

Notice to voters of House District 41: Votes for Dahlia Weinstein become votes for Lynn Myers. Support Lynn Myers by voting for Dahlia Weinstein!

GOP picks ex-Arapahoe County commissioner to run against Democrat under fire for past domestic violence arrests

Republicans have picked former Arapahoe County Commissioner Lynn Myers to challenge Melton, who faces calls from the leaders of his own party to resign after his arrests on domestic violence charges were reported earlier this week by The Denver Post.

“It was a very easy decision for me,” Myers said. “I have lived in these neighborhoods for over 40 years.”

Myers is the senior vice president of the Denver South Economic Development Partnership, and she’s also a past chair of the Centennial Airport Board and the E-470 Public Highway Authority Board. She told The Denver Post Republicans tried for years to recruit her for this race, but she never felt it was the right time.

“We are in a situation where people are looking for a person with leadership and ethics,” Myers said. “I knew I couldn’t be on the sidelines anymore.”

The state Democratic Party declined to comment Friday, but state and county Republicans said they’re fired up for this 11th-hour race.

“You can be sure we’ll put significant resources into this campaign,” Colorado GOP Chair Jeff Hays said. “Given the recent news, Rep. Melton deserves a serious challenge. We have a duty to offer the voters a viable alternative.”

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