Encouragement: Be Fair and Unbiased!

Dear County Officers,

As we move closer to caucus, assembly, and the primary, I want to remind and encourage you to be fair and unbiased, especially because pressure to be otherwise can sometimes seem relentless.

As you know, candidates and their supporters are always looking for an edge or an excuse. Do your best to give them neither.

Clean, accurate lists and clear, frequent communications go a long way in dispelling perceptions of bias. Do your best to keep your websites and contact info up to date, and ensure instructions, precinct captain and previous delegate lists are accurate. Our caucus system is arcane, and new people are often justifiably paranoid about missing key information or “insiders” controlling access or process.

Forum or debate moderators at your events have to hold themselves to high standards of fairness.

Ensure that opportunities to display literature and to access voters are equitable. It’s a challenge to make caucuses uniform in terms of whose literature is displayed, how long candidates get to speak, and a host of other nits that can be picked, but do your best to ensure your caucus leaders understand and commit to a spirit of fairness.

As leaders, it’s difficult to control your passions, enthusiasms, and biases, and I know we all have them. But you have to control them anyway.

Some people will be absolutely hacked off that you are being fair, because they want you to put your thumb on the scale. Be fair anyway.

We have a burden—we will get blamed for everything from Murkowski’s maneuvers to Flake’s faults—but also an opportunity to show our 1.2 million Republican voters that we are fair, professional, and committed to a strong, free, and prosperous Colorado.

As always, ping me or us if we can help.


Jeff Hays
Chairman, Colorado Republican Committee