Sydnnia Wulff

Dear Fellow Republicans,

My name is Sydnnia Wulff; I am a patriot, a Christian, an attorney, a conservative and a fellow republican. I believe in God, in preserving the Constitution, the rule of law, and in President Trump.

I am asking you for your vote at 1st Congressional District Assembly to be a delegate to the 2020 Republican National Convention, and respectfully ask for your support.

We are living difficult times suffering a world pandemic, facing new challenges with a biased press  and Obama’s legacy corruption, and facing new old enemies like China, whom will stop at nothing to destroy our nation and the free world.

I believe President Trump is the only qualified candidate to continue leading our nation through the path of justice, liberty and truth. Therefore I am asking, if would you please give me your vote to continue supporting the only qualified candidate, President Donald Trump.


Sydnnia Wulff