Colorado Republicans First in The Country To Successfully Utilize New Smartphone Voting Platform


Greenwood Village, CO — Realizing that we could not hold an in-person convention this year, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Colorado GOP quickly pulled together a team determined to find the optimum platform to address our member’s needs, with security, safety, and ease of use as key factors for success. 

After intense due diligence and being mindful of online voting outcomes in Iowa and other places, the Colorado GOP selected TXT2VOTE. “Our members found the platform extremely user friendly and secure. Txt2Vote provided a solution that was easily scalable for our statewide needs,” said Colorado GOP Executive Director Lx Fangonilo. 

Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck commented, “In order to address the needs of Colorado Republicans due to COVID-19 social distancing issues, I am very pleased that our State Party was able to adapt and hold a successful remote election utilizing secure smartphone technology.”

Commentary from first time users found the TXT2VOTE platform “smooth and user friendly.” While another Colorado voter commented, “thank you for the effort in putting this together, job well done.”

Assembly Teller Committee Chair Matt Crane, a former Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder stated, “Because of issues created by COVID-19, it was important to provide voting delegates different options to cast their ballots for this assembly. The TXT2VOTE platform provided an easy, accessible platform for voters to participate in this process and was the preferred method to vote, as 92% of delegates used TXT2VOTE to cast their ballot.”

TXT2VOTE parent company Global Mobile CEO Lee Durham commented, “We were very pleased with the results, but more so completely shocked by how many voters chose TXT2VOTE over a vote-by-mail backup option. The Assembly Delegates were given an option to sign up for vote-by-mail or smartphone voting. 92% chose smartphone voting using the TXT2VOTE platform.”

TXT2VOTE is currently speaking and finding a concerted interest across party leaders in many states. “We are finding our conversations with leaders across both parties to be very engaging. Party leaders are encouraged with the platform’s ease of use and its military level grade of security. Leaders are giving our platform serious consideration,” added Durham.


TXT2VOTE is a patented smartphone voting platform for private sector and government clients that allows voters to vote safely and securely right on their smartphone. By combining ease of use with the highest level of assurance, our patented solution offers military grade security and performance through collaborative efforts with Dispersive Networks. TXT2VOTE is a product of Atlanta based Global Mobile LLC who provides election services such as TXT2CURE and more. To learn more, go to: