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In 2021, commissions will redraw congressional and legislative districts. You can help draw fair districts that adhere to the state’s constitution and end gerrymandering by serving on one of these commissions.

Applications can be submitted from early August through November 10.
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What is Redistricting?
Every 10 years, after the Census, the U.S. Constitution and United States Supreme Court require states to redraw congressional and legislative districts to equalize population. This process is called redistricting.

What is Gerrymandering?
In practice, the process of redistricting is highly political. Interest groups work behind the scenes to draw districts to their advantage. This is called gerrymandering. In recent decades, Colorado has increasingly experienced gerrymandering.

2021: A New System
In 2018, Colorado voters passed Amendments Y and Z to the Colorado constitution. These amendments create politically balanced commissions–each composed of four Republican, four Democrat and four Unaffiliated members – to redraw the maps, using neutral criteria, and nonpartisan staff.

We want to ensure that this commission is served by people like you, not special interests in Denver. The future of Colorado can very well be determined by what this board produces.