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Colorado GOP Statement on Secretary of State Postcard Errors

September 29, 2020

 Greenwood Village, CO — Colorado Republican Party Chairman Ken Buck released the following statement today regarding the recent reports that the Colorado Secretary of State’s office mailed voter registration invitation postcards to individuals who are not actually eligible to vote. 

One lady even received a card for her mother, who died in 2016 and hadn’t lived in Colorado since 1967. 
“These reports that Secretary Griswold’s office has sent postcards encouraging people to register to vote who are otherwise ineligible to vote in this year’s elections are deeply concerning. What is more concerning is simply the unknown scope of these errors,” stated Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck. “Today, I’m calling on Secretary Griswold to release the full list that these postcards went too, as well as, work with my staff and walk them through the process for how this registration campaign was compiled and executed – specifically identifying how the reported issues may have come to be and what steps are being taken to correct those mistakes.” 

“I have received many emails from Republicans across Colorado concerned about this issue and would like to hear how Secretary Griswold plans to avoid this issue from happening again. I am confident in the security of Colorado’s election system, but I need to hear more about the source of this problem, so we can assure Coloradans that there isn’t more to this story than originally reported.”