Colorado GOP Officially Calls on Gov. Polis to work with Colorado Legislature on Major Decisions and Budgetary Allocations

May 19, 2020 

Greenwood Village, CO.– Today, the Colorado GOP and Chairman Ken Buck officially called on Governor Polis to work with our state legislature on solving problems, distributing funds, and crafting critical decisions, instead of unilaterally making billion dollar decisions.

“Governor Polis took it upon himself to allocate and distribute over $1.6 billion in federal COVD-19 relief funds. We have three branches of government in Colorado, and the branch which constitutionally holds the power of the purse was completely ignored by this action,” Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck said. “The voters of Colorado have selected their local State Representatives and State Senators to work together to find solutions for the problems of the day, the voices of Colorado voters should not be silenced by Executive Order.”

Governor Polis has previously acknowledged that the “legislature has the power of the purse” yet, is now deciding he alone should be making unilateral decisions regarding Colorado’s budget. The Colorado Republican Party disagrees.

“Colorado House Republicans stand ready to get back to work and bring relief to Coloradans,” said State House Minority Leader Patrick Neville. “Governor Polis must work with the legislature to restart our economy with no more empty promises. The state government needs to work for all Coloradans.”

“State Senate Republicans represent the overwhelming majority of Colorado’s land mass and, with that, many hard-working Coloradans from all walks of life,” said State Senate Assistant Minority Leader John Cooke. “Governor Polis would be wise to include all legislators and local leaders to craft a response and relief package that all Coloradans would be proud to stand behind.”

The Colorado GOP today is officially calling on Governor Polis to activate and utilize all branches of our government to collaborate and make these critical decisions instead of ruling by Executive Order. It is unacceptable that members of the general assembly are finding out about billion dollar allocations via Twitter and press releases.

The people of Colorado expect that their representatives be involved with major decisions and that an entire branch of government is not ignored. 

Please sign the official petition to ask Governor Polis to work with our legislature below: