Colorado GOP Launches “Results Matter” Digital Ad Campaign Highlighting Colorado Results

October 9, 2020

Greenwood Village, Colorado. — Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck announced today that the Colorado Republican Committee has launched a digital ad campaign centered around three unique stories of everyday Coloradans and how they’ve been positively impacted by the results delivered by Republican leaders in our state. 

“Results Matter and the people of Colorado know that President Trump, Senator Gardner, and their local Republican officials are fighting everyday to achieve policies that positively impact our state and local communities,” stated Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck. “These stories show just how important Republican ideals like lower taxes, fair trade deals, and protecting the American dream are to Coloradans. 

“From Jane in Boulder, to Yuli in Windsor, to the Rock family in Yuma County, it’s clear that Republicans are the only Party that is truly focused on providing opportunities for Colorado families and small businesses. I’m proud of our candidates and I’m proud to be the leader of a Party that understands – Results Matter.”

Watch the Rock Family’s Story
Watch Yuli’s Story (Spanish Version)
Watch Yuli’s Story (English Version)
Watch Jane’s Story