Colorado 2020 Ballot Propositions:

Proposition 113 – Adopt Agreement To Elect U.S. Presidents By National Popular Vote – Vote NO on 113

  • Colorado voters can choose to affirm or reject the legislature’s 2019 decision to join the National Popular Vote Compact.
  • Background: Governor Polis in 2019 signed legislation that committed Colorado the National Popular Vote compact.
  • What does this mean?: This means that all of Colorado’s 9 electoral votes are awarded to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote nationwide, not necessarily the candidate who wins Colorado. 
  • Bottom Line: Governor Polis and Denver Democrats decided to give our votes for President to states like California, New York, and Illinois- we must vote no on 113 and reverse this terrible mistake. 
  • Learn More at Protect Colorado’s Vote — Vote NO on 113.

Proposition 114 – Restoration of Gray Wolves – Vote NO on 114

  • Question: Should Colorado introduce gray wolves onto certain lands west of the Continental Divide? 
  • This Soros backed measure would force the introduction of wolves onto the Western Slope. 
  • Background: Wolves are known to prey on wildlife (deer and elk) but they would also wreck havoc on cattle and sheep herds across the Western Colorado. 
    • “Three separate times — 1982, 1989, and 2016 — the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission studied wolf reintroduction and each time adopted formal positions in opposition.” 
  • Bottom line: Radical activists from California and the Front Range who don’t understand rural Colorado are backing this measure which would have serious implications on wildlife and ranches across Western Colorado.
  • Learn more at Stop the Wolf Coalition – Vote NO on 114.

Proposition 115 – Prohibition on Late-Term Abortions – Vote YES on 115

  • If approved, Proposition 115 would prohibit abortions after 22 weeks of pregnancy, except when the life of the mother is at risk. 
  • Background: Colorado is 1 of 7 states that allows abortion up until the moment of birth for any reason with no restrictions at all. Late-term abortion is dangerous and poses substantial health risks to the life of the woman. 
  • “Women are more likely to die from late abortions (after 22 weeks) than from childbirth. 
  • A recent Gallop Poll shows that 74% of Americans believe that there should be limitations on late term abortions. 
  • Bottom Line: Coloradans have the opportunity to vote to protect life and end the disgusting procedure of late-term abortion. Colorado is one of a few states that hasn’t outlawed this primitive procedure. 
  • Learn more at Due Date Too Late — Vote YES on 115.

Proposition 116 – State Income Tax Rate Reduction – Vote YES on 116

  • If approved, Proposition 116 would cut the state’s income tax rate from 4.63 percent to 4.55 percent. 
  • Background: COVID-19 has hurt Coloradans across our state, this tax cut will affect those families who are struggling or small businesses that are fighting for their lives. 
  • Bottom Line: This proposition would decrease taxes for taxpayers in Colorado. 
  • Learn More at the Independence Institute — Vote YES on 116.

Proposition 117 – Voter Approval Requirement for Creation of Certain Fee-Based Enterprises– Vote YES on 117

  • Currently lawmakers are able to raise money (fees) without getting the approval of taxpayers. If approved, Proposition 117 would require that the state get permission from voters before instituting new fees or “enterprises.”
  • Background: Colorado’s state legislature uses the word “FEE” to grow state programs and spending without having to ask Coloradans for the permission to raise taxes required under our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. 
    • Massive revenue increases like FASTER (car registration) fees, are taxes coming out of our pockets to pay for state programs, and should go through the same voter approval process as all tax increases.
  • Bottom Line: It’s time to put an end to massive fees and enterprises being used to grow our state budget while avoiding voter approval under our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR).
  • Learn more at Vote on Fees – Vote YES on 117.

Amendment 76 – Citizenship Qualification of Electors – Vote YES on 76

  • Question: Should the state constitution be amended to explicitly require that Colorado voters must be U.S. citizens?
  • Background: “The current language of our Colorado Constitution protects our right to vote. But it doesn’t grant citizens the exclusive right to vote in our elections. Our initiative would strike the words ‘Every citizen…’ and replace them with ‘Only a citizen…’ in Article VII Section 1 of the Colorado Constitution.”
  • Read more at Citizen Voters — Vote YES on Amendment 76.