Chairwoman Burton Brown Sends Letter to Colorado Democrat Chairwoman Carroll

The letter asks that Democrats return to the era of bipartisan support for charter schools in Colorado 

Greenwood Village, CO. – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released the following letter sent to Colorado Democrat Chairwoman, Morgan Carroll, regarding the Democrat Party’s decision to abandon charter schools, students, and parents across the state:

“As a mom of two elementary school-age children, the fight for better education and support for schools in Colorado is personal to me. Colorado Republicans believe that no child should be stuck in an underperforming school and that Colorado parents and students deserve options.

“This is a critical issue for Colorado, which is why I am sending a letter directly to my counterpart at the Colorado Democrat Party asking her to call on Rep. Bacon and Sen. Story to withdraw HB 1295. This misguided and dangerous bill would, in effect, take away the ability of parents to bring a high-performing charter school to their district, if their school board is anti-charter. The future of Colorado’s children is at stake.

“That is why I’m asking Chairwoman Carroll and the Colorado Democrats to return to the era of bipartisan support for our charter schools.

“It’s time we come back together on this issue.” 

(COGOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown, flanked by her two children, signs a letter to Colorado Democrat Chair, Morgan Carroll)
Additional Background: 
HB-1295 is sponsored by state Rep. Bacon (D-Denver), who is also a member of the Denver Public School Board (can you say conflict of interest?) 

– Under existing law, whenever a district rules against a charter school application, that school can then challenge their board’s decision to the State Board of Education. The state board then looks at the facts and makes a determination based on what is best for those students and community.

– This legislation would take take away that due process, and create a “one-size fits all” standard for children in our minority and economically disadvantaged communities. 
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