Chairman Hays’ Statement on Allison Eid’s Confirmation

Nov. 2 – Colorado Republican Chairman Jeff Hays issued the following statement today on the occasion of Allison Eid’s confirmation to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals:

“Yesterday, President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell traded compliments over their work to nominate and confirm highly qualified, highly intelligent, and highly sensible federal judges, who will interpret the law as written by the legislative branch instead of inventing laws as they go. Coloradan Alison Eid, confirmed today to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, is the latest example of Republicans’ successful collaboration. Special congratulations to Sen. Cory Gardner, who introduced Eid to the Judiciary Committee at her confirmation hearing and deserves credit for spearheading her appointment. First with Justice Neil Gorsuch and now with Judge Eid, Coloradans are making a major impact on the federal judiciary.”