Chairman Buck Announces Formation of Party Commission

May 13, 2020 

Greenwood Village, CO. – Today, Colorado Republican Party Chairman Ken Buck announced the formation of a Party commission to review the Party’s process in hearing and addressing controversies in the Assembly nomination and ballot designation process.

“After talking to party leaders and activists throughout the state, I am appointing a commission to review the issues involved in the Assembly ballot designation process, including the recent Senate District 10 nomination controversy. This commission will be expected to analyze the issues and provide recommendations so that the Party does not face similar problems going forward.”

“The Republican Party cares deeply about voter security and ensuring fair elections,” Buck continued. “I respect that Eli Bremer, the Senate District10 Assembly Chair, took his actions out of a sense of personal integrity, and for that reason I’ve consulted with him in naming commission members who will thoroughly and fairly look into this matter. I believe this commission can offer sound recommendations for the Colorado GOP and the State Legislature to consider on how to keep the Assembly ballot designation process secure and reliable.”

Eli Bremer, for his part, applauded the new commission. “Chairman Buck faithfully worked to carry out the decision made by the Republican Party Central Committee, which itself tried to resolve our Senate nomination controversy,” Bremer stated. “I think most people agree that we need to think about how we approach these issues in the future.”

Chairman Buck will consult with the Republican State Executive Committee at the meeting scheduled for this Friday and announce the names of the commission members soon thereafter.