A Message from Chairman Jeff Hays about the Alabama Senate Election

Dear Colorado Republicans,

We all know that different segments of the Republican Party have different feelings about yesterday’s election. I want to urge all Colorado Republicans, regardless of their take on Alabama, to focus on the task at hand. Here in Colorado, we have a governor’s race to win, three constitutional offices to protect, and a state senate majority to retain. That would have been true today regardless of the outcome in Alabama. That would have been true regardless of whether Mo Brooks or Luther Strange had been the nominee instead of Moore. That would have been true no matter what.

The more energy we spend consternating about Alabama, the less we’ll have for Colorado, the state where God has placed us. If you want a government that will keep Colorado Colorado instead of engineering our transformation into California, call your county Republican office. Volunteer. Work. Contribute. Keep your eye on the ball. We can’t change Alabama’s past, but Colorado’s future is ours to mold, if only we have the will.


Jeff Hays
Chairman, Colorado Republican Party