Polis’ Economy Puts Colorado in Bottom 5 States for Personal Income Growth in 2020

Greenwood Village, CO. – Governor Polis’ economic record continues to get more notorious by the day, and unfortunately for Coloradans it’s not for good things. 

According to a recent economic analysis done by Pew Research, Colorado is one of just five states with less than 3% growth in personal income over the past year. 

Meanwhile, other Western states like Arizona and Utah are actually leading the nation in increases. 
Personal Income Growth in Nearby States: 
📍 Arizona = 8.5%
📍 Utah = 7.8%
📍 Idaho = 6.3%
📍 Montana = 6.1%
📍 Nevada = 5.8%
📍 New Mexico = 5.4%

❌ Colorado = 2.7%
Under Governor Polis and Colorado Democrat leadership, Colorado ranked only above Wyoming and North Dakota in personal income growth in 2020.

What was the average across all 50 states? It was 5.9%, more than double Colorado’s measly 2.7%. 
This isn’t the only terrible economic news Colorado has encountered under Democrat control.

Colorado currently has the fourth highest unemployment rate in the nation, as Polis’ reign has ensured that Colorado “paid a heavier price economically”  than other states in the fight against COVID-19. 
Bottom Line: Coloradans deserve better than the failed leadership delivered by Polis, Bennet, and the Democrats in Denver. ###