2018 Post-Election Survey of Colorado’s Unaffiliated Voters

Today we released a survey of 500 Colorado unaffiliated voters who voted in the 2018 General Election. This telephone survey was fielded from November 7th through November 9th, 2018. The interviews were a sample mix of 50% cell phone and 50% landline phone numbers. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.38% at the 95 percent confidence level.

The Extraordinary 2018 Election in Colorado

This post-election survey of unaffiliated voters, along with observations of voter turnout in Colorado, can only be described as extraordinary. It was extraordinary because in the past 20 years never has one political party been so overwhelmingly rejected at every level of representative government by the electorate. It was extraordinary because unaffiliated voters, the largest and fastest growing affiliation in our state, participated in a mid-term election at a level that has never happened to before.

Time will tell if the 2018 election was an acceleration of the Republican Party’s waning ability to win statewide elections in Colorado, or a sobering period of clarity that sparked a new direction for the GOP.

Find the survey results here.