Statement: Passage of SB 181 first wave of the Green New Deal

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – Today the Colorado Senate passed SB 181 on a party line vote and sent the bill to Gov. Polis’ desk.

The legislation threatens billions in economic activity and thousands of Coloradans who rely on energy development to support their families. Despite Democrats’ claim that SB 181 would not result in an effective ban or moratorium, the legislation has already forced the postponement COGCC hearings this month.

Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck released the following statement in response to the passage of SB 181:

SB 181 is simply the first wave of the Green New Deal and a transparent effort by Democrats to shut down Colorado’s energy industry. Despite voters overwhelmingly rejecting a defacto ban on energy development last November, Democrats rammed this legislation through without a single Republican vote in either chamber.

Make no mistake, if Democrats get away with this attack on oil and gas they will undoubtedly target other vital industries that support tens of thousands of jobs for working Coloradans.

Colorado Republicans will work with voters of both parties to hold Democrat legislators accountable for their blatant overreach.”




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