May 6th, 2020


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – It has been 400 days since Tara Reade shared her story about how Joe Biden, her former boss, sexually harassed her while she was a member of his Senate staff. Despite the very credible accusation, her story has been largely overlooked.

This stands in stark contrast to the feeding frenzy that occurred during the Kavanaugh hearing. Democrats and members of the media pounced while Reade’s story was ignored.

The hypocrisy is shocking. Americans now know that the #MeToo movement was never about respecting women, it was about weaponizing allegations to attack Republicans.

Colorado Democrats up and down the ballot are hypocrites.

Politicians like John Hickenlooper called for an FBI investigation during the Kavanaugh confirmation and demanded Steve Lebsock resign over sexual harassment allegations, but now refuse to acknowledge the credible and serious sexual assault allegations leveled against their party’s presumptive nominee Joe Biden.

If you are covering Democrats’ refusal to comment on the Reade allegations, please consider the following statement from me:

John Hickenlooper doesn’t believe survivors, he believes in party politics. It is beyond disgusting for Hickenlooper and Democrats to remain silent on the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. They owe Coloradans an answer immediately.” – CO GOP Vice Chair Kristi Burton Brown



John Hickenlooper called for an FBI investigation during the Kavanaugh hearings (*Note: @GovofCO was controlled by Hickenlooper on 9/28/28. It is now controlled by Gov. Polis)

John Hickenlooper called on Steve Lebsock to resign over sexual harassment allegations


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