Daily Bulletin: Jan 17, 2019

It took just 12 days for Senator Mike Foote (D-Boulder) and the Senate Democrats to reveal their disturbing intentions this legislative session by paralyzing an effort to save newborn babies.

You heard that right.

Democrats played politics with Senator Jim Smallwood’s (R-Parker) bill to require schools to teach our Safe Haven law in schools. If you’re unaware, Safe Haven laws allow newborns to be surrendered to a fire station or hospital, no questions asked. The law has saved over 60 babies in Colorado, but many more are still perishing due to a lack of awareness among teens about the law.

See the story for yourself by clicking here.

While the Democrats on the committee praised Senator Smallwood’s bill, their vote to tie it to House Bill 1032, which doesn’t even mention Safe Haven education, is just another political ploy to hide their true feelings.

Colorado isn’t buying it. Shame on the Democrats for playing politics with the lives of newborns.


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